The Crypt at Christ Church Cathedral 

Follow the steps that bring you beneath the cathedral and explore the medieval, 12th Century Crypt, the largest in Britain& Ireland (63.4M long). Constructed in 1172 it is the earliest surviving structure in Dublin city and uniquely extends under the entire Cathedral. Renovated in the early 2000s, it is now one of the top tourist attractions for visitors from all over the world and includes a popular audio visual presentation.


The crypt houses fascinating monuments and historical features including:

  • The mummified Cat and the Rat, trapped in the organ in the 1860s
  • The Treasury 
  • The Bowes Memorial 
  • The Bishop Welbore Ellis Monument 
  • The masterpiece, Sneyd's monument by Thomas and Joseph Kirk
  • The Statues of Charles I and Charles II, the oldest known secular carvings in Ireland, that until the late 18th century stood outside the Tholsel (Dublin's medieval city hall, which was demolished in 1806)
  • A tabernacle and set of candlesticks which were used when the cathedral last operated (for a very short time) under the "Roman rite", when the Roman Catholic king, James II, having fled England in 1690, came to Ireland to fight for his throne and attended High Mass in the temporary restoration of Christ Church as a Roman Catholic cathedral.
  • The stocks, formerly in Christ Church Place, made in 1670 and used for the punishment of offenders before the Court of the Dean's Liberty (the small area under the cathedral's exclusive civic authority), moved here in 1870
  • Various ancient and historic books and altar goods of the Cathedral

The Cathedral Gift Shop

The Crypt is also home to the Cathedral Gift Shop which houses a variety of exclusive handmade gifts by Irish designers. We currently stock a wide range by Corona, Walsh and Sons, Meab, John Hinde, Willow Design, Solvar, Lir Handmade Chocloates, Real Ireland Design, Bog Standard Candles, The Handmade Soap Company and Irish Craft Leather. 

The Cathedral Cafe

The popular Cathedral Cafe is a perfect spot to relax in and digest the atmosphere of the Crypt. A selection of teas, coffees, soup and sandwiches and cakes are available. The Cafe opens from 9.30 until 5pm.

Crypt Hire

The Crypt is also available for events such as wedding receptions, launches, dinners, Christmas parties and lectures. Most recently it was used for filming the popular television series ‘The Tudors’, ‘Dragons’ Den’ and numerous documentaries. Click here for further information on hiring the Crypt at Christ Church Cathedral. 

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